Company Profile:
Metebronz has been one of the leading manufacturers of wood and bronze/brass furniture since its establishment in 1963. In a production facility of 12,000 square meters, Metebronz produces elegant living room, bedroom, dining room and office furniture sets as well as decorative accessories and lighting products using the latest technology in its production unit. Besides decorating elegant and distinctive houses, Metebronz has completed a number of projects in Turkey and around the world including hotels, national assembly buildings, mansions, private residences and offices. Currently, decent products of Metebronz are sold in two showrooms (Ankara-Istanbul/Turkey) and two franchises (Baku- Azerbaijan, Erbil - Iraq). There are also various representative agents and corner dealers in many countries of the world that sell the distinctive won and bronze products of Metebronz. Prices change according to choice of wood and color. Beech wood is frequently used due to its outstanding quality and durability. For upholstery, Metebronz offers a wide range, among which 19V69 ITALIA prodotto da Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo Srl is often preferred. There are also first class Turkish fabrics and leathers available. Overseas clients could perform their payments through issuing an irrevocable L/C or making an advance payment. In the production facility, all finished products are packaged and labeled according to the standards free of charge. In addition to individual sales, Metebronz offers potential entrepreneurs the opportunity to open franchises with exclusive provisions in their cities and countries. Other than that, importers & exporters, showroom/gallery owners and entrepreneurs for franchises could benefit from the attractive pricing options available. For further information, please contact our sales and marketing department.

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United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Russia, Azerbaijan, Erbil, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Iran, USA, Northern Cyprus, Greece, Belarus, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Kuwait, Algeria

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Established Date: 1963  Staff Count: 101-250  Export Specialist: Figen SERÄ°M